Before Reading

I am writing these lines to draw attention to my views that has been represented in this blog, and that I am not criticizing Islam in favor of  any other religious beliefs, they are all same to me, but why do I focus on Islam in my criticism that’s because I am raised up as a Muslim.

If you are a Muslim or a beholder of any other religion, I alert you that you might get offended, and you may hate me because of the materials in this blog, but what I was trying  to do here nothing more than telling the mere truth no matter how ugly it could be, I am stating events that happened to me, if you feel that I am incorrect regarding  my views you could discuss them with me by comments(more preferably) or by email, notice that you must write in a decent non-insulting or threatening language in order to get a response.

Religions made lots of sufferings to this world til this day, from bigotry to committing murders in the name of an imaginary creator, I think religion should be banned from teaching in schools, if not then you must teach Nazism, Communism, or any other organized movement ideology too,  for me religion is a bigger threat than any other ideology human race has ever invented, to settle a world peace, please call for banning religion from governments, and educational systems, and call for imposing taxes on religious charities, to slow down the corruption of human kind.


One Response to “Before Reading”

  1. It depends on the country you are brought up in. In Singapore, it’s already written in our pledge, “Regardless of Race, Language or Religion.” And those who sparked racial or religion riots will be send to jail. So we are happy here.

    But I don’t deny the fact that religion is a VERY sensitive issue. For me, if someone ask me about Islam, I’ll reply with confidence. If someone criticizes Islam, I’ll smile and walk away…just don’t take it to heart.

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